Donating means giving unconditionally. Giving is related to gifts. One spirit many gifts.

“Make every effort to give the gifts that are most useful to the church” – 1 Corinthians 12,31.

Everyone has different gifts. Trees give shade. The sun gives warmth and light. God gives life. People give consolation, blessing, support or joy. And what do you give?

Other ways to support the LAIB CHRISTI

Be a Crowdsquirrel

Crowdsquirrels are those hard-working helpers and supporters who nourish and provide for the LAB CHRISTI by constantly raising funds. Be it financially, materially, with time, know-how or in a completely different way. The gifts, affection and loyalty of our little cornucopias are the fertiliser on which the grain for the LAIB CHRISTI grows and flourishes. 

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Fancy being a Crowdsquirrel?

Become a Cornucopia

Cornucopians are financiers, sponsors and major donors who ensure that “milk and honey” flow. In this way they create abundance at all levels. They put financial resources, land and know-how at the service of the BODY OF CHRIST. 

Want to be a cornucopia?

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