Our idea

Our Idea

Those who sow abundantly will also reap abundantly. Our idea is that many people grow a square metre of spelt at home and then harvest it 30, 60 or 100 times over. From the harvest we bake the “loaf of Christ” (bread) with which we in turn feed the body of Christ. We feed the poor and provide the bread as a “host” for the Lord’s Supper.


Together we grow spelt. For a good cause. At the beginning of autumn, we will send everyone who wants to a so-called “spelt cultivation parcel” to grow themselves. You grow the grain and look after it until the harvest. We will help you so that your spelt seed is a complete success and you can harvest abundantly. 


At the end of July/beginning of August next year, the time has finally come. The grain is ripe and ready to be harvested. With our instructions, harvesting and temporary storage is child’s play. Then you send your successful harvest back to us. 

The miracle of the “multiplication of bread”

What happens now with your grain is something very special. Because the majority of your harvest will be sent again to someone who also wants to grow grain for the LAB CHRISTI. By the way! You too will be sent a new “cultivation parcel” if you wish. In this way, together as Christians, we ensure a miraculous “multiplication of bread” year after year. 

Baking & Fair-Sharing

Last but not least, we use the surplus grain to bake the Loaflet of Christ, the bread of life for people in need. We also provide the bread as a “host” for all believers and brothers and sisters for the Lord’s Supper with our Lord JESUS CHRIST.