Instructions and tutorials

The LAIB CHRISTI – What to expect – An overview

In this video we give you an overview of what you can expect as a Kornkeeper of the LAIB CHRISTI in the course of the year. 

Cornkeeper tutorial – basic soil preparation

In this video, we show you two simple ways that you, as a LAIB CHRISTI Cornkeeper, can optimally prepare the soil for a high-yield spelt harvest.

Cornkeeper tutorial – Seeding

In this video, we show you what you need to bear in mind when sowing spelt for the LAIB CHRISTI, so that your spelt grows optimally and bears abundant fruit. Those who sow abundantly will also reap abundantly. Have fun and blessings while sowing.

Cornkeeper tutorial – care

Caring brings blessing. In this video we show you what it takes in terms of care, so that your spelt can grow and thrive properly.

Video comming soon

Cornkeeper tutorial – Harvest

In this video you will learn how to successfully harvest your corn.