Instructions and tutorials

Video comming soon

The LAB CHRISTI – What to expect – An overview

What you should know before you decide to be a MEMBER of the LAIB CHRISTI can be found in the following video. 

Harvest abundantly – this is how you successfully grow spelt.

Spelt? Does it grow on trees? We show you step by step what you need to consider when growing spelt for the LAIB CHRISTI so that you too can harvest 30-, 60- or 100-fold. Here we go:

Video comming soon

Video comming soon

Harvesting spelt – What do you need to know?

In this video we show you how to harvest properly and which traps and mistakes you can avoid with a little know-how. 

How to return a harvest package.

You have successfully harvested your spelt crop and would like to send us your contribution to the LAIB CHRISTI. We will show you what you need to consider. 

Video comming soon

Video comming soon

The LAIB CHRISTI in the Cycle of the Year – A Journey. 

We take you on a journey through the seasons with the LAIB CHRISTI. What happens when? Have fun.