What happened so far…

What has happened so far - Annual reports

What began in 2019 with EIGHT spelt grains and has since matured and grown in a completely natural way, we now call the LAIB CHRISTI – the Bread of Life. 

It is our joy to share this becoming with you. May our little miracle continue. We cordially invite you to become and be part of our little miracle. 

Annual reports of LAIB CHRISTI

In October 2019, two people – inspired by the parable of the sower and the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves – started to put EIGHT spelt grains in the ground to see what would happen. 

In 2020, we harvested 960 grains from the original EIGHT spelt grains. Our harvest had increased 120-fold. This had amazed us a lot. We had not expected such a good harvest. We were extremely happy and grateful for this sign. 

So in October 2020 we grew all 960 spelt grains again on a 3m² “field” in our garden. If everything goes according to “plan” – the grain has already germinated – there will possibly be around 100.000 grains next summer.

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