What happened so far…

What has happened so far - Annual reports

What began in 2019 with EIGHT spelt grains and has since matured and grown in a completely natural way, we now call the LAIB CHRISTI – the Bread of Life. 

It is our joy to share this becoming with you. May our little miracle continue. We cordially invite you to become and be part of our little miracle. 

Annual reports of LAIB CHRISTI

In October 2019, two people – inspired by the parable of the sower and the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves – started to put EIGHT spelt grains in the ground to see what would happen. 

In 2020, we harvested 960 grains from the original EIGHT spelt grains. Our harvest had increased 120-fold. This had amazed us a lot. We had not expected such a good harvest. We were extremely happy and grateful for this sign. 

So in October 2020 we grew all 960 spelt grains again on a 3m² “field” in our garden.

On 30 July 2021, we successfully harvested our second crop. The 960 grains turned into 12,663 grains. Our spelt stock has thus increased 13-fold this year.

At first glance, this is much less than we had hoped and expected, but at second glance it is a gift and a great blessing for us.

For through this, Jesus Christ makes us aware once again that we are not working on a high-performance operation with the LAIB CHRISTI project. On the contrary, his task for us as the Body of Christ is to create FOOD that leads to LIFE. This is what is meant by “Bread of Life”. We are a God-led project that is about healthy growing, providing and uniting on ALL levels, not a worldly business that operates according to worldly standards.

God provides for healthy growth in and around us. This year HE shows us through our seemingly small harvest that we must not overdo it in our endeavours and our drive, otherwise our efforts would not bring a sustainable yield, but more harm than good. For this realisation and guidance we are very grateful.

In October 2021, we cultivated our 12,663 grains again together with our Cornkeepers on approx. 40 m².